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Epoxy Flake Systems: A Unique Finish For Your Floors

Flake systems

Flake systems are one of the best flooring techniques that will undoubtedly elevate your Lawrenceburg home or business. Maybe you've been considering a new type of flooring that is artfully done but still durable to last; if that's the case, consider flake systems for your home!

There are many colors to choose from when it comes to flake systems. Are you looking for something that will better hide dirt and scuffs from shoe traffic? What about a light and luminous floor that will enhance the brightness of your room? Perhaps you want a gorgeous floor that makes a statement as soon as you walk into the room. All of these goals can be achieved with flake systems!

Decorative Epoxy Flake Flooring

At Bluegrass Aesthetic Finishes, we are always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to epoxy flooring. We only use the highest-grade products and tools for the job, and our team members are the most qualified professionals you can find in Lawrenceburg!

Did you know that besides decorative epoxy flake systems, we also provide other services to make your home stand out? When it comes to epoxy flooring for Lawrenceburg, you can bet that your pros will give your concrete the update it needs. Check out our other services which include pressure washing and concrete sealing.

Look into our metallic epoxy flooring option as well! As a customer of Bluegrass Aesthetic Finishes, you can rest assured that if you're looking to upgrade your concrete floors into something beautiful and long-lasting, our epoxy flooring contractors can't be beaten.

The Benefits Of Flake Systems

Bluegrass Aesthetic Finishes is the epoxy flooring specialist that Lawrenceburg customers turn to when they need flake systems for their home or business. Every flooring by us is built to last, with an eye for even the smallest details so everything matches our customer's vision perfectly.

If you have any questions about the flake system process, let us know! Flake systems use vinyl flakes placed in between a coat of resin and a layer of clear topcoat. The result is a decorative flooring that hides dirt impeccably and can be customized with hundreds of color combinations. If you're interested in epoxy flooring for your home or business, flake systems might be just the right option for you.

Ready to learn more? Contact Bluegrass Aesthetic Finishes today and discover all you can know about flake systems in Lawrenceburg.

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