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Epoxy Flooring And Your Retail Space

Epoxy flooring and your retail space

Are you a business owner in Lawrenceburg looking for a way to keep your retail space clean, but also easy to maintain? Epoxy flooring is one way that the business owner in Lawrenceburg can achieve all of these things!

Ideal For High Traffic

At Bluegrass Aesthetic Finishes, we're proud to offer businesses an advantage when it comes to having a seamless floor or walkway path that is used to constant foot traffic. Our epoxy floors can withstand the most constant wear and tear from feet moving to and fro, but they can also take on the brunt of heavy machinery and shopping carts. Does your floor take on dropped items that leave scuffs and scratches? An epoxy flooring system will hold up to those, too!

Ideal for Easy Maintenance

No matter what the size or style of your retail space is, epoxy floors will prove to be easy to maintain for as long as you have them. Cleaning crews find them easiest to clean with a regular mop or broom. Plus, epoxy floors don't collect dust like other flooring materials do, like cement, which is often covered with a coat of dust! This hazard can prove to be dangerous for customers who could likely trip and fall on a dusty, unclean floor. Epoxy floors might save you from future accidents, so give us a call today if you're interested in making your retail space a healthier environment!

Epoxy is clean, as it keeps the level of bacteria and moisture to a minimum. If your retail space has sanitation requirements, like a gym or a restaurant, an epoxy floor might be the best option for you!

Ideal for Cost And Time-Efficiency

A new floor installation is an investment, but you can rest assured knowing that an epoxy floor will be an affordable choice that is worth its price. If you take a moment to consider the cost to close your store, and then maintain and reinstall new floors, epoxy is the best choice every time! Epoxy takes a small amount of time before it is ready to walk on, plus you'll spend very little time maintaining it compared to other flooring options.

Do you have an epoxy flooring project in Lawrenceburg that we can help you with? We invite you to browse our website for our services which include epoxy flooring, pressure washing, concrete sealing, and more!

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